Are you tired of listening to the same old 'hit' songs? We wanted to dig deeper into each album we own, to find the songs that make our listeners go, 'never heard of that song before'. For us, that's a homerun.

During the early morning hours, our DJ's have a tendency to lean towards more of the mellow side, but don't be surprised at what you get on Digging Deeper Radio.

It could literally be anything!

The Wildest Variety of Country Music on the Planet from 3:00 - 5:00 pm central on DiggingDeeperRadio.com

Join Andi and Brian Hale as they share a short, daily devotional with us every weekday at 10:00 am central.

Then at 10:30 am central, listen in as they review The Book of Signs, by Dr. David Jeremiah.

Along with the best variety of Christian music, you'll also hear short motivational moments with world renowned speaker and author, Tony Robbins and more!

It's all the best from way back, even before Marty went Back To The Future...
It's the Wildest Variety of Classic Rock on the Planet - KDIG! DiggingDeeperRadio.com

This music could be from any genre, from Christian, to Rap to Rock and Roll.

Each night, our Digging Deeper Live from Friday night is replayed throughout the week. Catch us live, live at 9 pm central on Friday nights.